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Flange Gasket. Item # 4CYP3. Mfr. Model # 3000RG-0150-062-0600. UNSPSC # 31181512. Catalog Page # 2840 2840. Country of Origin Varies. Country of Origin is subject to change. This Garlock Sealing Technologies® flange gasket has an innovative blend of aramid fibers, fillers, and elastomeric binders to help provide improved torque retention.

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Aramid/Inorganic Fiber with SBR Rubber Binder. Durlon ® 8600 Aramid-Inorganic/SBR. Compressed Sheet Gasket Material. ASTM F104: F712440-A9B3E24K5L152M5. Warning: Durlon® gasket materials should never be recommended when both temperature and pressure are at the maximum listed. Properties and applications stated are typical.

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Water-Resistant Aramid/SBR Gasket Material. Also resistant to inert gases and abrasion, this material is made from blended aramid fiber/SBR rubber. Made-to-Order Oil-Resistant Aramid/Buna-N Gaskets. ... They're made of graphite …

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Universal gasket material for use in a wide range of applications. KLINGERSIL C-4401 is a universal gasket material for use in a wide range of applications. The general purpose gasket material has excellent sealability and chemical resistance. This material is manufactured with aramid fiber reinforced with a nitrile binder.

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Teadit NA1001 Green Aramid Fibers/NBR Non-Asbestos Compressed Sheet, Dimensions: Length: 59 Inches (149.86Cm), Width: 63 Inches (160.02Cm), Thickness: 1/8 (0.125) Inches (0.3175Cm) Part Number: NA1001.12560X60 (Min Qty: 1) MSRP: Was: Now: $428.95. Quick view Compare Add to Cart. Quick view Compare Add to Cart.

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Aramid /Buna-N: This type of material is made from a blend of aramid fiber and Buna-N rubber, which creates a material that resists oil, water, and ethylene. Thickness Guide for Custom Gaskets. Gasket materials are often offered in a variety of thicknesses and typically have a corresponding durometer. Durometer refers to the hardness of material.


Specifications and information contained in this brochure are subject to change without notice. This edition cancels and obsoletes all previous editions. DURLON® 8600 White A high quality gasket material containing high strength aramid fibers bonded with SBR rubber. An excellent choice for steam and other services where a "white" gasket

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940 is a high tensile NBR/Aramid and inorganic fiber sheet designed for use as an excellent general service sheet or in applications where outstanding dielectric properties are a must. 940 is red in color and branded for immediate product recognition. 960 is an SBR/Aramid fiber sheet that can be used as a general service material in a wide range

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This material is particularly good in 150 lb., and 300 lb., steam applications. Suitable for potable water. This material is green in color and has a smooth finishPhelps Performance Compressed Aramid Fiber With Buna-N Nitrile Binder, Petrochemicals and Refinery Gasketing Applications

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Technical Guide for Kevlar® Aramid Fiber 3 WHAT IS KEVLAR®? Kevlar® is an organic fiber in the aromatic polyamide family. The unique properties and distinct chemical composition of wholly aromatic polyamides (aramids) distinguish them—and especially Kevlar®—from other commercial, man-made fibers.

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Atlantic Gasket's high performance gasket materials are available from 1/64" up to 1/16" thick and in rolls 40" wide. All materials can be supplied with an adhesive backing, slit to width, or die cut to your exact requirements using one or a combination of the following cutting services: steel rule die cutting, rotary die cutting, laser cutting, and waterjet cutting.

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Whether a customer needs a custom gasket or other product, our team provides a high-quality solution on time and in budget. To find out more about our custom gaskets and other product solutions, contact us today. For pricing details, request a quote. Call 800-985-6750 or email your inquiry to [email protected]

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Compressed Aramid Fiber Style 1125 Style 1125 is a compressed aramid fiber sheet gasket material produced by a combination of aramid and other synthetic fibers and bonded with Nitrile rubber (NBR). It is manufactured through the hot calender process under rigorous quality control standards that are registered under ISO-9002 certification.

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aramid for gas oil. NBR gasket sheet. TEXOIL 6620. Temperature limit: 250 °C. Pressure limit: 0 bar - 80 bar. The Texoil Jointing is composed of aramidic fibers, and heat resistant fillers. The unit is bound with NBR, and has a high acrylonitrile content. The device is suitable for use in different applications involving gas, oil, hydrocarbon ...

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Custom Gasket Mfg. provides die cut gaskets and water jet cut gaskets in a variety of Thermoseal ® (Klinger ®) compressed non-asbestos materials, including (but not limited to); C-4201, C-4300, C-4401, C-4324, C-4430 and C-4433. Klingersil ® C-4201 (white) is a compressed non-asbestos sheet made with synthetic aramid fibers bonded with a nitrile binder. . It has …

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Nonasbestos Gasket Material. F729100E33M9. TN-9004 is a heavy-duty, high density material with fully cured nitrile butadiene rubber binder. It has excellent resistenace to fuel and oil, and has good tensile strength. It is intended for applications with high flange pressures with short duration maximum temperatures up to 350°C (650°F). Property.

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Commercial Gasket & Packing fabricates a variety of die cut parts and gaskets from vegetable (plant) fiber materials. Vegetable Fiber is a treated cellulose fiber material impregnated with protein glue and a glycerin binder. This material works well for a wide range of sealing applications where temperatures can reach 250˚F.

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Durlon Gasket Material. Most of todays non-asbestos gasket materials contain either Kevlar, an aramid fiber, fiberglass, carbon, graphite or another mineral fiber. Todays major manufacturers include: Garlock, Gasket Resoures Inc., and Thermoseal (previously Klinger USA) .

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Teadit NA1001 Green Aramid Fibers/NBR Non-Asbestos Compressed Sheet, Dimensions: Length: 59 Inches (149.86Cm), Width: 63 Inches (160.02Cm), Thickness: 1/64(0.015625) Inches (0.0396875Cm) Part Number: NA1001.01560X60 (Min Qty: 1)

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Aramid Fiber Gasket Sheet with NBR Binder. Loading... Colors : red,yellow,black,blur,green,blue. Made from high quality Russian asbestos fiber and rubber by compression. The item above is supplied in sheets 1500×1350mm,1270×1270mm, 1500x2000mm,1500 x 1000mm or 1270×3810mm, and in thickness 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0mm. …

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Phelps Style 7011 is a dense wire reinforced Compressed Gasket Sheet with an Aramid Fiber Blend and has a Nitrile rubber binder. This sheet has a graphite coating on both sides. Recommended for super heated steam, thermal cycling, boilers, heat exchangersPhelps Performance Compressed Aramid Fiber With Buna-N Nitrile Binder, Petrochemicals and …

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SPECIFICATION SHEET September 2006 DURLON ® 8500 Aramid/Inorganic Fiber with NBR Rubber Binder COMPRESSED SHEET GASKET MATERIAL ASTM F104: F712120-A9B3E12K5L151M6 APPLICATION: Our workhorse material, DURLON® 8500 is excellent in steam, natural gas, soybean processing and with new generation refrigerants.

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Aramid fibres are man-made high-performance fibres, with molecules that are characterised by relatively rigid polymer chains. These molecules are linked by strong hydrogen bonds that transfer mechanical stress very efficiently, making it possible to use chains of relatively low molecular weight. The term "aramid" is short for "aromatic polyamide".

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Recommended gasket material especially for use against oils, fuels and refrigerants In particular for use against vapor and many bases, especially aging and ozone resistant Aramid fiber with neoprene binder Aramid fiber with EPDM binder Composition » Water » Oil » Aliphatic hydrocarbons » Gas » Mild acids and bases » Water » Steam

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Home > Gasket Materials > Compressed Non-Asbestos Sheet > Thermoseal® Klingersil® C-4401 : Material: Thermoseal Klingersil C-4401 Type: Aramid Fiber and NBR binder Sheet Size: 60" x 60" Thickness: 1/16" List Price: $268.16. Our Price: $ 176.79. Savings: $91.37. Product Code: TS4401. Sheet Thickness*: Sheet Size*: Qty: Description ...

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Klinger Material Specifications Novus 30 Material Specifications Non-Asbestos Fibre materials are so-called because they fill the gap in the range of gasket materials previously occupied by asbestos. Asbestos, although considered to be a dangerous material, had excellent heat resistance properties, which is why it was utilised so widely in high ...

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KLINGERSIL C-4400. KLINGERSIL ® C-4400. Higher safety for universal applications. KLINGERSIL ® C-4400 is a universal material for safe and reliable sealing. It consists of a unique matrix, which offers an excellent combination of different properties. Basis. Aramid fibers, bonded with NBR. Areas of application.

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Our non-metallic gaskets are designed to meet the highest quality standards and perform in low pressure class applications. As part of our strategy to supply our customers with a wider range of sheet gasket products, we offer a variety of non-metallic gasket materials, including elastomeric and fiber gaskets, compressed non-asbestos gaskets ...